Driving change for people living with obesity

With the acknowledgement of obesity as a chronic disease by leading scientific experts, at Novo Nordisk we are dedicated to making obesity a healthcare priority. To ensure that the challenges people living with obesity have are heard, understood and acknowledged. We want to change how the world sees, prevents and treats obesity.

For many years, our scientists have worked tirelessly to understand how the ‘satiety’ hormone GLP-1 can be used to suppress appetite and support long-lasting weight loss. Yet we know that our ongoing scientific research is only one part of the solution. That’s why we actively work with leading organisations to create a more understanding world for people with obesity.

We are proud to be a supporting partner of the Obesity Action Coalition’s Stop Weight Bias campaign, which aims to raise societal awareness and start an open conversation that puts an end to weight bias in all its forms. Change can be hard and even uncomfortable. But it’s in our collective power to build a world where everyone is treated with dignity and respect.